How does 3D laser scanning work?

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How does 3D laser scanning work?

Laser scanning enables the precise and contactless measurement of objects. The scanner emits a laser pulse that is reflected by the surroundings. During this process, millions of points are recorded with precisely measured X, Y and Z coordinates.

The recorded data is converted into a 3D point cloud using software developed for this purpose. Additional information such as color and intensity is also recorded. Sophisticated algorithms calculate the structures of the surfaces and thus create impressive, three-dimensional graphics.

The data obtained is not only used to visualize the scanned object, but also enables extensive measurements. The point cloud thus forms the basis for creating floor plans, cross-sections and longitudinal sections as well as detailed 3D models.
Laser scanning is by far the most effective method for surveying buildings, structures and facilities, regardless of their size. This measuring method is characterized in particular by the short measuring time on site, the quantity of data recorded and its quality and completeness.

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