3D inventory

Use the 360° views and HDR images to document your systems.

How to document systems and inventory digitally.

Insurance protection

Check whether your insurance cover is sufficient. Ensure that all inventories and assets are listed correctly.

Reconstruction and expansion

Plan conversions by ensuring that the new machine fits in the same place as the old system.

Credit inquiries at the bank

Provide the bank with detailed and up-to-date information about your property – an additional document for your mortgage.

The Leica RTC360 goes beyond a pure 3D laser scan – it also integrates HDR (High Dynamic Range) images. This involves taking a series of images with different exposures, from light to dark, i.e. overexposed to underexposed, in quick succession. This series of exposures is then combined into an HDR photo, which contains the best of each individual photo with different exposures. For the 360° images, photos are taken from three different angles.

Similar to the 360° degree scan, the photos are merged into a 360° angle of view so that no details or areas are overlooked. This comprehensive documentation, consisting of the 3D point cloud and the HDR photos, enables a precise representation of the condition of an object at a specific point in time.

The versatile references in this documentation offer you numerous possible uses.

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